Deck Tech: Wind Silvie

Written by Remetic

Created 25 August, 2023

Last updated 25 August, 2023

With Fractured Crown just over the horizon, the meta is shifting heavily. New regalia options slow down practically every deck, and new options let underplayed champions compete with Rai and Lorraine. With all these new choices, I wanted to explore a preliminary build for an underrepresented champion taking advantage of the new tools FTC gave players.

The goal of this deck is pretty simple. Utilize strong new allies like Bedivere and Capricious Lynx to present early pressure while using Silvie, With the Pack to make up the hand size you lost from playing your beast allies. Applying consistent pressure is the name of the game and wind is perfect for that, giving you tools to save your allies while maintaining board presence.

Material Deck

Wind Spirit, Silvie, Wilds Whisperer, and Silvie, With the Pack

Standard Silvie Line

Silvie, Earth’s Tune

This is an interchangeable choice. Kraal is an incredibly powerful ally, most decks having lots of difficulty removing him from the board. The on Enter effect itself is a free +1, so even if you don’t have the means of playing Kraal, gaining hand size back after leveling to 3 is an incredibly valuable tool. Searching out your most powerful ally while not bricking your decks with extra copies is very useful with how wind as an element functions, giving more space for combat tricks and more valuable cards.

Covenant of Thorns

Covenant is a useful card in general, redirecting the focus of your opponent to another card on the board. Additionally, you can link it to an ally on your opponent's side of the board. This is especially useful in the Merlin matchup because they’ll be forced to remove their own Majestic Spirit, oftentimes losing them the game if they don’t have the means to play another Incarnate Majesty.

Gaia’s Blessing

One of the highest value regalia in the game, every beast or animal you see on top of your deck is a plus, letting you maintain board pressure without losing hand size, which is invaluable in the late game where your opponent will often have more tools to remove your allies.

Beastbond Ears

A generically good regalia, it can allow you to reach higher pride levels when you’re on Level 1 or 3, allowing you to attack with Ordinary Bear, Green Slime, Capricious Lynx early, without needing to dump hand to force levels. It is also a good option to materialize if your Effigy of Gaia is removed from the Board.

Beastbond Boots

An excellent choice for the Rai matchup, and sometimes helpful against certain Merlin builds. It is also very strong when paired with Quicksilver Grail from the sideboard, giving it a layer of protection. Just make sure you don’t make yourself vulnerable to fast speed damage that can be used in response to activating the Boots effect. Against Lorraine, Zander, and Silvie players though, this will be the first card you side out against them.

Effigy of Gaia

Exactly the same as Beastbond Ears, with more to add onto it. It is an invaluable card in the Lorraine matchup, making your opponents cleave cards miss kills on Level 2 Lorraine. Against fire, you will often need to use a Favorable Winds to save some allies from the 5 damage Flame Sweep however.

Melodious Flute

You won’t always be materializing this card. It is very valuable when you see an Anthem of Vitality on board, potentially giving an ally an extra 5 health, and beefing up Green Slime further. Additionally, the level is very useful in some cases where both Beastbond Ears and Effigy of Gaia are removed from the board.

Tithe Proclamation

Probably the MVP of the material deck. One of Silvie’s biggest issues in Dawn of Ashes was not being able to keep up with Lorraine and Rai player's hand size. This limits their draw and forces them to play on more equal footing. Against Zander and other Silvie players, you will want to side this card out, something I will expand upon in the side board section.

Grand Crusader’s Ring

Very self-explanatory to play this card. Drawing 1 is a very powerful effect for 0 memory cost. I will talk about Quicksilver Grail more in the sideboard section and when you should be removing this card in order to play Grail.

Main Deck


4 Ordinary Bear

One of the best cards given to Silvie in Fractured Crown. 2/3 is an excellent statline, and with the number of combat tricks in the deck, you almost always have the choice to let it die and gain the floating, and keep it on the board in case you need it to draw with Lvl 2 Silvie’s effect.

4 Reclaim

Your best value option, keeping the ally while gaining Floating Memory is incredibly valuable, and it helps significantly with smoothly leveling to level 3.

3 Young Beastbonder

Another strong ally, giving a buff counter makes most allies in this deck a huge hassle to remove. Additionally, buffing your Green Slime is one of the major ways to win a game. If your opponent wants to remove a green slime, they will often be forced to remove Young Beastbonder first, giving you the floating memory, unless they want to deal with a 4/4 ally.

2 Gentle Respite

Gentle Respite is an excellent card going first, and even quite useful going second. Going +1 with it going first lets you regain the card advantage that is lost from playing, and if you ever find yourself getting slightly behind on hand size, it isn’t a bad idea to use this card to get the card and floating memory in order to catch back up.

2 Fast Cure

Only 2 Fast Cure might be a choice people disagree with. Having fast speed floating memory is incredibly valuable against anyone playing Scavenging Raccoon, letting you be safe from it’s effect. However, you don’t always get the heal and the space is better used on other cards that gain you value. Often if you are behind on hand size and need the heal, other cards will help you recover while fast cure only heals you for 4.

4 Favorable Winds

A very high value floating memory card. Saving allies if your opponent has just enough damage to kill them, giving you easy paths to both Level 1 and 2, and being fast speed makes it one of the best cards to see in your hand.


2 Kraal, Stonescale Tyrant

Probably the most powerful Tera ally. While it does have a steep cost to activate it, there are ways to circumvent it, using Call the Pack being the most favorable option for this deck. Once you get it on board, most decks will have a difficult time getting rid of it. However, most of your combat tricks don’t work on it, so if you do plan on committing Kraal to the board, make sure you hold an Anthem of Vitality or even an Innervate Agility to save him from dangerous situations.

3 Tera Sight

Each copy of Tera Sight is 1 less card in your deck once you're level 3. Additionally, if you do have nothing to materialize, having a Grand Crusader’s Ring is quite valuable in a slower format. In some situations, you can use these when they’re preserved to play a Kraal, though it is definitely not your first choice.

3 Call the Pack

The way to play Kraal. You need to see one of these in order to commit him onto the board. Additionally, you can use this card to flash flood the board, giving your opponent a very difficult situation to respond to, and also often winning the game. This card is best paired with Woodland Squirrels and Gaia’s Songbird in order to go from 0 board presence to having 2-4 bodies. 

3 Gaia’s Songbird

An incredible searcher for the deck. Each copy you draw increases the power of Call the Pack exponentially, giving you the beast allies you need to get the maximum value out of the card. It also replaces itself in hand, being neutral by default and a +1 when you play it using Gaia’s Blessing.


Tera Beasts

I am not running any other Tera Beast allies besides Kraal because you do not want to miss the search for him with either Gaia’s Songbird or Silvie, Earth’s Tune. Compared to him, they do not gain nearly as much value or strength in board presence. You can replace Kraal with Vertus, Gaia’s Roar, which can let you flash a ton of damage immediately using Call the Pack, Squirrels, and Songbird, however, this play requires you to have allies die, which is something this deck wants to avoid as much as possible.

Hymn of Gaia’s Grace

While Hymn is a strong card, I would rather not increase the number of Tera cards beyond what it needs to be. Cry for Help would be a better option, while it doesn’t flash an ally onto the board, it can fulfill a much similar role and doesn’t bloat your deck with cards that require being level 3 to play.

Command the Hunt

Similarly to Hymn, I don’t want to increase the Tera cards beyond what I need to. It does have the advantage of increasing your damage output significantly, especially when combined with songbird’s, and squirrels, much like Call the Pack does. The nice thing about it is not requiring more hand beyond the animal allies to gain the damage. In a Loved by All build, this card is fantastic as it lets you have strong aggression while keeping your blockers, but in a build focused around maximizing ally value and Kraal like this one, it isn’t needed.


2 Trained Hawk

An Overall good ally, lets you push damage and kill any stealth allies every turn, and Vigor makes it an annoying ally for Lorraine to remove, as they don’t necessarily want to take the 2 extra damage. It also isn’t a bad choice to put the Lvl 1 Buff counter on as a 3/3 ally is an annoying statline to remove, especially with Vigor.

3 Green Slime

One of the best allies in the deck. When committed with another ally, your opponent can be forced to remove it last, making their lines of play rather difficult. You need to be careful when playing it though, any fast speed damage will kill it before it gains buff counters, making it a strict downside to try to commit to the board.

3 Displace

A very potent combat trick, when combined with Green Slime you can give the Slime its own buff counters, or spread your buff counters across your allies very quickly. It also saves allies very well, although you have better choices in Reclaim and sometimes Zephyr.

2 Dematerialize

An absurdly powerful card, although not useful in many situations. Against Lorraine players you can remove their sword early, forcing them to waste a materialize on it again. In the Merlin matchup, it is your best way to remove a Majestic Spirit from the board, forcing them to have either a Crux Sight or another Incarnate Majesty. It can also deny a Zander’s Luxera’s map or Poisoned Dagger.

2 Zephyr

Another strong combat trick, in some situations better than Displace when you know your opponent may be able to kill an ally if they’re very committed. It also lets you get rid of annoying threats for a turn, whether it is Arondight, or an opponent's ally. It can be a secondary option to answering Majestic Spirit.

3 Anthem of Vitality

A very potent card, it can almost always force your opponent to use an additional card to remove an ally, or completely saves an ally from a Rai player killing it. You can also find space to run Steady Verse in order to make this card a powerful buff for Green Slime, although the room is difficult to make, as well as 2 card combos in the main deck not being very consistent in Silvie.

2 Innervate Agility

This is an interesting card. You can definitely remove it in favor of other options, however, I find it invaluable as a card that saves your allies in almost every matchup. You can also play a level 2 game where you go aggressive with allies on lower levels, while cycling through your deck with Level 2 Silvie’s effect. 


4 Bedivere, Woodland Overseer

One of, if not the greatest tool given to Silvie in Fractured Crown. Taunt is an incredible keyword, allowing Bedivere to keep your allies safe in matchups against other Silvie players or Lorraine. 4 health on a 3 cost ally is fantastic, and using this with Level 1 Silvie’s effect practically guarantees at least 1 draw when you level to 2. Almost every Silvie deck should run this card at 4.

3 Capricious Lynx

Another outstanding ally, getting 3 or 4 damage once you’re a tamer is incredible. Pride 4 isn’t hard to reach once you’re level 3, and in slower matchups getting 2 level regalia isn’t the end of the world. It is also quite annoying to remove, especially with the Level 1 buff counter. Having both this card and Bedivere can often guarantee your draw 2 from Silvie, With the Pack unless your opponent wants to commit several cards to remove 1 ally.

3 Woodland Squirrel

Squirrels should be quite self explanatory. They synergize very well with our main win condition, Call the Pack, and are overall a good ally when limited on hand size and you need to just commit allies. Don’t lose them too early, as they aren’t too useful until you are level 3 however.

3 Scavenging Raccoon

One of your highest value allies, but also the one you don’t mind dying. Once you play it, it gets its use from banishing 2 cards from your opponent's graveyard. Most of the time you want to banish Floating Memory, but it isn’t a bad idea to banish Crux and Fire cards to slow down your opponent.

The Sideboard

Personally, I believe players should tune their sideboard to whatever their local meta is. If you’re expecting certain matchups always feel free to change it. These cards are just some choices I believe are useful in the highest number of matchups and gives you the choice to change your playstyle on the fly.

Silvie, Loved by All

The other Level 3 Silvie, when you side this card in, I would often side in the third copy of Kraal as well in order to see him more consistently. This is very useful against Lorraine and Merlin, where they will be forced to remove your interceptors to get good damage in. If they commit a large swing, you can always use one of your combat tricks to save that ally and force them to get behind in value.

Kraal, Stonescale Tyrant

Sided with Silvie, Loved by All. Not having Earth’s tune’s search makes it difficult to find your Kraal’s, so having the extra copy should make it so you see at least 1 when you play Loved By All, especially while already running 3 copies of Songbird.

1 Dematerialize

Side this in against Merlin. Dematerialize is one of, if not the best card at removing Majestic Spirit, and also lets you get rid of the level 1 lorraine sword if they choose to run it, forcing them to play slower. Make sure you use this in the right situation, because you often only see 1, maybe 2 when running it at 3 copies.


You definitely want to side the Crimson and Viridian Trinkets in those respective matchups. If you suspect your opponent is running cards that rely on the graveyard in Fire, you can side the Azure trinket in, but you don’t always need it. You can side out Tithe Proclamation or Melodious Flute for these cards, depending on the matchup and if your opponent is drawing enough for you to need Tithe.

Nullifying Lantern

Much like the Azure Trinket, you need to determine if you want to side this in against a Fire player, but often you may want to side in both in order to make yourself less vulnerable to Spurn to Ash and Varuckan Acolyte. However, it is definitely a must run against Fire Merlin and sometimes Fire Lorraine, as disabling Crux Sight is incredibly valuable, making them unable to recur Incarnate Majesty and Spirit Blade: Ascension, which remains to be the best draw engine in the game. You may want to side this in no matter what against Water and Wind Merlin, although those decks do have ways to remove it as well.

Quicksilver Grail

This is an interesting card, it could probably have an entire article dedicated to its uses and when it should be used. While it isn’t useful in practically every situation like Grand Crusader’s Ring, I think the games where it is materialized will have a far higher win rate than when running Ring, especially once players begin to solve it. Some of the main uses of this card are to materialize Tithe Proclamation at fast speed, which is an incredible denial play against Rai, letting you save Covenant of Thorns, which lets you bait your opponent into committing high damage before redirecting it into an ally, or even fast materializing Nullifying Lanter, which can force Fire players or Crux players to overextend and lose value. If you don’t like Grail, you can definitely opt for another option, but I highly recommend it. 


Overall, this deck is dedicated to forcing your opponents to burn resources and maintain value for as long as possible, while pushing steady damage with high value allies. It is a strong preliminary build, and I am excited to see where more developments of the Fractured Crown meta takes us.

I plan on writing weekly deck techs for Set 2, highlighting underutilized champions and element combinations, and I look forward to hearing any thoughts on this deck and anything I build in the future.

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