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Competitive Concepts: Championship Points (+ Elo Deep Dive)

Written by Ver

20 June, 2024

Organized Play Schedule 2025

Written by Ver

19 June, 2024

Thanks for playing in the Luxera's Map Open!

Written by Ver

23 May, 2024

Limelight's Worlds Experience Blog

Written by Limelight

04 May, 2024

NA Nats 15th Place - baniRien

Written by baniRien

03 April, 2024

Water Luxem Zander - Ascent Ontario Top 33 Decklist

Written by AndyK

26 February, 2024

Competitive Concepts: Interaction and It's Forms

Written by Kinship

06 February, 2024

Alchemical Revolution: Advanced Elements

Written by Remetic

04 January, 2024

Competitive Concepts: Influence, Wealth, Card Advantage and Impact

Written by Ver

27 December, 2023

Deck Archetypes in Grand Archive

Written by Kinship

20 December, 2023

Deck Tech: Fire Merlin

Written by Remetic

16 September, 2023

Deck Tech: Wind Rai

Written by Remetic

01 September, 2023

Deck Tech: Wind Silvie

Written by Remetic

25 August, 2023

Deck Tech: Burn

Written by Chikaplu

10 August, 2023

Grand Archive Tournament Primer

Written by Ver

27 July, 2023

An Anime Expo Introspective

Written by biefall

25 July, 2023

Grand Archive Design Analysis: Why We Pay Taxes

Written by Remetic

19 July, 2023

Deck Tech: Turbo Fire Rai

Written by AndyK

12 July, 2023

Metagame Panalysts - Level Up Rule Change

Written by Ver

29 June, 2023

Welcome to Luxera's Map

Written by UnsungCrown

27 June, 2023

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