Welcome to Luxera's Map

Written by UnsungCrown

Created 27 June, 2023

Last updated 29 June, 2023

Crown here, and welcome to Luxera's Map!

What is Luxera's Map?

Luxera's Map is a site designed to be an archivist's guide to competitive Grand Archive. Like it's predecessor GATR, Luxera's Map will be home to tournament results and lists from most major tournaments held throughout the competitive scene. In addition, Luxera's Map will have number of articles on various topics ranging from rule discussions to deck profiles.

What is next for Luxera's Map?

For now, Luxera's Map will focus on tournament results and some articles. Over time, the site will be updated with a number of features and content.

The Luxera's Map team is looking forward to supporting the Grand Archive competitive community as the game grows.

Luxera's Map is a fan-made website. Grand Archive and all official assets are owned by Weebs of the Shore.